The Federal Art and Exhibition Hall invites everyone to discover ancient Iran

The exhibition titled ‘Iran – Ancient Cultures between Water and Desert’ is still on until 20 August. It draws the veil from long hidden treasures of early civilizations in the region. Along with the exhibition, a Persian Garden has opened behind the museum and may be visited until mid-October.

On April 13, an exhibition opened at the Federal Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn. Over the past three years, historians and scientists as well as authors and experts of all kinds and nationalities had worked together to compile an exhibition under the title: “Iran – ancient cultures between water and desert”.
Now it’s been open to the public for a month, receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding the exhibits and presentations of such. It highlights Iran’s history and the role it played in the global society at a time when the Middle East was a center of knowledge, prosperity and progress. The exhibition showcases Iran’s nature and a culture one can’t find in today’s news about terror and catastrophe in the region,  revealing artefacts dating back to 7000 BC and including treasures from a princess’s grave which are shown outside of Iran for the first time ever. And the Persian Garden behind the museum, inspired by the archetype of Iranian gardens in the 19th century with its colorful flowers and wonderful fountains, is worth a visit as well.
If you are interested in visiting the exhibition you will find more information here: