Bonn Celebrates Carnival

Those who have lived in Bonn for more than a year know: the Rhineland has not only the usual four, but at least five seasons! And for many people the fifth season, Carnival, is the best one. Mark your calendars for our Carnival highlights this year:

Carnival starts on the eleventh of November at eleven hours and eleven minutes with Carnival parties and lots of other festivities throughout the season. The climax will be reached between Women’s Carnival/Shrove Thursday ("Weiberfastnacht" - Thursday preceding Rose Monday) and Ash Wednesday, when all of the Rhineland tumbles into a state of complete craziness, cheering to our Carnivalistic sovereigns. Prince Dirk II and his Bonna Alexandra III will lead the jester attack in Bonn this year.

Our Carnival Highlights 2018:

  • Women’s Carnival: Thursday, 8 February
  • Traditional Storming of the Old Town Hall: Carnival Sunday, 11 February
  • Parade on Rose Monday: 12 February 2018, starting at 12 noon

Parties and parades take place in all city districts, the largest and most beautiful of all parades being of course our central Bonn Rose Monday Parade, attracting ‘jesters’ and Carnival lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

After School Party without alcoholic beverages for youngsters from 14 to 17 years of age on Münsterplatz: Thursday, 8 February, starting at 1 pm

The Carnival season in the Rhineland ends on Ash Wednesday (14 February).

Traditional Storming of the Old Town Hall: Prince and Bonna Reign the City
On Carnival Sunday, a Carnival spectacle of a special nature takes place: Bonn’s "Chief Jesters”, Prince Carnival and his consort Bonna, attempt every year to conquer the Old Town Hall. The Mayor organizes its defense, but it is no secret that he has never succeeded to this day. In the end, he must surrender to the Carnival Royalties and hand over the symbolic key to the Old Town Hall - and the reign over the city - until Ash Wednesday.

Women’s Carnival at Beuel:
Beuel, the district on the right bank of the Rhine, boasts a particular Carnival event: the traditional ‘Weiberfastnacht’ (Women’s Carnival) was first celebrated here over 180 years ago – as the offspring of an early feminist movement. The washer-women of Beuel stood up against the patriarchate and its exploitation of women. They founded the first Ladies’ Carnival Committee and decided to come together henceforth once a year - on the Thursday prior to Carnival - to rebel against their husbands.
Consequently, the supreme representative of the Beuel women bears the title ‘Washer-Women Princess’ to this day. She leads the storming of the Beuel Town Hall and is always the first one to seize power from the men for one day. By the way: gentlemen are well-advised not to wear their best tie on that day as the ladies prey upon this fashion accessory with scissors in hand – as a symbol of disempowerment.

First Anniversary of Our New Carnival Association in Bonn: UN Funken
Last year, our Carnival in Bonn was enriched by a new, international Carnival association of UN staff members under the name of UN Funken and under the reign of the first UNiversa Nora I. We were proud to welcome the UN Carnival association on board and will be happy to see them and the season’s new UNiversa Paulyn I from the Philippines at our festivities this year!

Special Motto during the University’s Anniversary Year
In the anniversary year of the University of Bonn, which is celebrating its 200th birthday in 2018, the Carnival season’s special motto is ‘Let’s Celebrate and Study’. For the University of Bonn, the celebrations will be a fine opportunity for cherishing both, traditions and innovation.

Join Us:
If you have never seen this before don’t miss the chance this year to join in on the Carnival action! Allow yourself to be carried away by the atmosphere of cheerfulness and fun and to be part of the merry craze of the ‘mad days’ of Rhenish Carnival and cheer with us: ‘Bonn Alaaf!’ 
Learn more: www.bonn.de, www.bonn-international.org, www.kamelle.de

Carnival Flyer 2017/2018