What’s on in Bonn?

Spring is here and the weather is beautiful! And again, there is lots to do and many places to go over the coming days! Have a look at our weekly choice of events below and enjoy!Read more

New Exhibition: Examples to follow!

This traveling exhibition has been shown around the globe and can be visited in Bonn between 19 April and 10 June. The focus in on aesthetics and sustainability, with a special emphasis on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as...Read more

What’s on in Bonn?

It is always worth to pay a visit to Bonn’s old district with its creative art and handicraft shops and cafes, but a visit at this time of the year reveals a special splendor: in the first warmer days of April, countless cherry...Read more

Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Invitation to an ARTS lecture on 12 AprilRead more

Jobs in Bonn

Looking for a job? Take a look at our board!Read more

The Small Treats of Easter

Easter is coming – a joyful feast with lots of symbolism. Some Easter symbols are actually much older than the Christian high feast celebrating the resurrection of Christ. They stand for the abundance in life after a long winter...Read more

What’s on in Bonn?

Several fairs and festivals are taking place in Bonn over the coming weeks, including some special events over the Easter Holidays. Check our choice of events below and see what else there is to do - have a great time in Bonn!...Read more

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