Climate Action and Development Policy Go Together

Climate change is happening right now and is a particular threat for people in poor countries: the progress that has been made in combating poverty, hunger and disease, and in improving education is on the line. Climate change is therefore also an important topic for development policy and hence for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). If we make a determined effort then we can mitigate global warming, protect the developing countries from the direct consequences of climate change, and at the same time foster innovation, economic modernisation and – ultimately – sustainable development.

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Article by the COP 23 Team, BMZ

Germany is spearheading international efforts in the field of climate policy. The work carried out by the BMZ makes a crucial contribution to these efforts. Almost 90 per cent of Germany’s climate funding comes from the budget of the Development Ministry.  This means that we are involved directly in helping people living in the countries that are Germany’s partners in development cooperation. The work being done to expand the use of renewable energies, for example, is not just helping to protect the climate. Renewable energies are also a way for people to enjoy a better standard of life and find new sources of income, especially in remote areas.

The BMZ would like to use the international climate conference (COP23) that will be taking place in Bonn in November to show people living here and visitors to the city how climate action and development policy go together, and to spread the message that everyone can do their bit to protect the climate.
We invite you to visit the Climate Planet in the Rheinaue. This giant “walk-in globe” sponsored by the BMZ and the City of Bonn will host discussions, talks and an exhi-bition showing what the BMZ is doing in the field of climate policy. You can also watch a 40-minute film about climate change inside the Climate Planet. The Climate Planet and the exhibition are open to all – locals and visitors alike. Registration in advance is not necessary.