Many people use bicycles in Bonn. Whether just for fun, on the way to work or for a shopping trip, the city's almost 300 kilometres of cycle paths make cycling a pleasant activity. You can cycle far away from busy traffic on both banks of the Rhine and in the Rheinaue park, and enjoy the wonderful view of the river and the Siebengebirge mountains. There are some particularly easy, flat stretches running along the banks of the Rhine. The routes heading from central Bonn towards the Siebengebirge and the Voreifel (Kottenforst) have some steep slopes in places.

The Bonn region offers practically perfect conditions for both leisurely and athletic cycling trips. You can head off on flat rides towards the north-west, and the Siebengebirge offers mountain bike tours. Steep hills and beautiful valleys can be navigated south-west of Bonn in the Ahr Hills of the Eifel region.

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