Citizens of non-EU countries need a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) for stays exceeding 3 months if not exempted by a special agreement. The application is dealt with at the immigration office (Ausländeramt), Oxfordstraße 19, 53111 Bonn, phone: (0228) 77- 60 00. Appointments can be made in advance at or auslaenderamt(at)


Required documents:

a) confirmation of registration (Anmeldebestätigung)

b) Passport

c) certificate of conduct (Führungszeugnis)

d) medical certificate (Gesundheitszeugnis)

e) Proof of health insurance

f) Proof that the individual can support himself/herself financially

g) Two passport-sized photographs

A temporary residence permit (valid for three months) will be issued and may be renewed. A task force of four employees exclusively deal with the concerns of the international staff and family of the international organisations and the Secretariats of the United Nations, the University, and the scientific institutions.

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