In the preparatory phase of your moving to Bonn you have probably been considering buying real estate, your own home or apartment. A local real estate agent, as well as banks and savings banks, can give you a good overview of properties for sale. In addition, the daily newspapers contain many classified advertisements offering housing for rent and sale. Houses or apartments can be bought by foreigners without any restrictions.

You can obtain information about property values and rental costs from the real estate appraiser's committee (Gutachterausschuss für Grundstückswerte) of the Land Registry and Surveyor's Office of the City of Bonn (Kataster- und Vermessungsamt der Stadtverwaltung Bonn). The following short overview of existing property values in the Bonn region should serve as a guideline to help you to assess offers when purchasing real estate. Average purchase price for typical housing including plot in 2002:

Owner occupied flats in fair to good location constructed in 2002:
EUR 1,075 per square metre to EUR 1,790 per square metre, depending on the chosen area. (Bonn being generally more, the neighbouring medium sized towns less, expensive.)

Terraced house in fair to good location, property size about 220 m2, floor space roughly 110 m2, constructed in 2002: EUR 200,000 to EUR 250,000 depending on the chosen area.

Detached family house in fair to good location, property size about
500 m2, floor space around 150 m2, constructed in 2002: EUR 270,000 to EUR 430,000, depending on the chosen area, see above.

Citymap of Bonn (in German only)

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