The local road and public transportation network is very well developed. Bonn is in fact a city of short distances. Residential areas are well connected to the city centre.

The city of Bonn has an excellent local public transportation system with trams, subways, city trains, busses, and several Rhine river ferries. Local public transportation services operate very frequently. Check the SWB Service Centre for tickets and tariffs, for subscriptions and special rates:

Bus and tram stops (Haltestelle) are marked by a sign with a green H in a green circle against a yellow background. The numbers of the buses/trams that stop there are usually also listed together with their timetables. Underground (U-Bahn) stops are marked with a blue U.

Tickets may be purchased from vending machines on trams and underground trains and at stations, or from approximately 130 ticket offices in Bonn. On buses, tickets may also be purchased from the driver. The municipal authorities' customer centre (Cassius-Bastei, Münsterstraße 18) can provide information on the public transport system. You can obtain single tickets (Einzelfahrschein), multiple travel tickets (Mehrfahrtenkarte), weekly tickets (Wochenkarte) and monthly tickets (Monatskarte) as well as a large variety of special offer tickets such as 24-hour ticket (24-Stunden-Karte), mini group ticket (Minigruppenkarte), 3-day ticket (3-Tage-Karte) and Junior ticket. For further information (Timetable and Ticket service), please contact: 0180/4 13 13 13.

Tickets must be validated by inserting them in the yellow time-stampers in all buses, trams, and underground trains. Single tickets, 24-hour tickets, mini group tickets, and 3-day tickets obtained from vending machines are already validated. Public transport in Germany operates on a system of trust, but periodic spot checks are made. The fine for travelling without a valid ticket is EUR 60.

The Welcome-Card is a wonderful way to see the sights of the city for one great price. This ticket allows access to over 40 attractions, free entrance to over 20 museums, and unlimited use of the public transport system in Bonn, Cologne and the Rhein-Sieg district. The Welcome-Card is not only available at ticket machines and agencies, but can also be purchased from hotels, museums and ferry companies, as well as at regional tourist information offices.

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