Bonn has a wide variety of driving schools, offering driving licences for all vehicle types.

Driving schools with foreign-language lessons

The international traffic signs used in Germany are the same as in most of Europe. As a responsible driver, you must be familiar with these signs and with the German highway code. You can purchase an English language instruction manual from a driving school (Fahrschule). Here we will highlight some important rules which can be studied in detail with the help of a manual.

While there is generally no speed limit on the motorway (Autobahn), the recommended maximum speed is 130 kph. Some speed limits are posted and these areas may be radar patrolled. Speeding tickets are sent by post a few weeks later. The speed limit in towns and villages is 50 kph unless otherwise signed, 30 kph in certain zones. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers, and children must have appropriate car seats. All vehicles must be equipped with a warning triangle and a first aid kit to be used in emergencies.

Drive on the right, overtake on the left - this includes driving on the motorway. Right of way must be yielded to all vehicles and bicycles coming from the right at all intersections unless otherwise marked. Pedestrians crossing at the black and white zebra crossing have the absolute right of way. Cyclists must use cycle paths where available and follow the rules for cars wherever they use the road. Buses pulling out from bus stops have the right of way.

Drinking and driving don't mix: the legal limit for blood alcohol content is 0.5 %, for beginners 0.0 %.

Violations are punishable by fines and/or suspension of the driving licence.

You will find basic traffic rules and road signs in English at

Many questions related to various aspects of cars and driving in Germany can be answered by the German Automobile Association (ADAC)

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