The new Varietéspectacle "Le Chateau mysterieux" at the Pantheon theatre Bonn

Allow yourself to escape from everyday life and be lead into the artistic, imaginary world of breath-taking acrobatics: the new variety spectacle “Le Chateau mysterieux!”

The Pantheon-Stage transforms into a Haunted Castle, and the background-story behind the new Variety spectacle will be winking creepy and excites as well as the astonishing acrobats.

For the second time at the new Pantheon on Siegburger Strasse 42, Bonn Beuel; you are invited to thirteen shows between the 14th and 31th August, to special evenings of enjoyment, just like every summer.
The artists are, as always, from all over the world: Japan, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and Germany. They are carefully selected – young graduates from the most renowned international circus schools, insider tips and top artists, who all together combine passion with the joy of performance.

What would summer in Bonn be like without the cult varietè in Pantheon. Stefan Masur has once again assembled a wonderful team that impresses its audience with sensational air and floor artistry, exciting joggling and lyrical moments. Be there when Stephan Masur and his joyful variety artists connect the existing charming atmosphere and a fantastic variety show.

This year a new group of crossover artists make are destined to impress. Their acrobatic ability and imagination create an individual realm of wishes, miracles and passions that surprise and warm the heart.

To be experienced: “Big Ball Juggling” and Chinese Pole in “Ninja-Style” by  Ryunosuke Yamazumi, from Japan; Single Wheel and air artistry with chains by Lisa Chudalla , handstand artistry and chair-equilibristics by the “HandtoViolin“ from the Czech Republic, headstrong juggling with books by „librerian“ Christiaan Vandeburgt from the Netherlands, and, and, and…

And of course, last, but not least, Stephan Masur as the master of ceremonies, who shines with his inimitable charm and comic and who conjures “ohs” and “ahs” from the audience’s mouths with his delicate creations made of bubbles.

Whether from Germany or overseas, whether young graduate or experienced artist: the joy of playing variety unites these talented artists – and you can feel it!

Directed by David Severins (NL), cheography by Photini Meletiadis, technical management by Michael (Abrazzo) Blattmann and concept and general management by Sephan Masur.

Therefore, as of now, the 10th variety spectacle in Pantheon, with brand new program and well-proven quality.

Date / Time: 14 to 31 August / 8 pm (Sunday 19 & 26 August, 5 pm)

Tickets: http://www.pantheon.de/programm/varietespektakel.html