City of Bonn Press Release

Mayor Sridharan on the anti-Semitic attack on a U.S. guest researcher

© by City of Bonn

"I strongly condemn the attack and apologize to the scientist for what has happened to him here in Bonn. Nobody in Bonn, none of our citizens, let alone one of the guests in our city, should have to be afraid of assaults here. Not even for carrying religious symbols.

We are proud of the cosmopolitanism of our city, which is repeatedly demonstrated in our everyday life in the peaceful and often cheerful coexistence of people from almost 180 nations living in Bonn. We will fight for this cosmopolitanism and oppose any attempt to endanger this atmosphere in Bonn. This is something we owe to our international city.

We also cultivate very close relations with the Jewish Congregation in Bonn, which is also an affair of the heart to us. I visited the synagogue in March during the International Weeks Against Racism to send out a signal against the growing anti-Semitism. Together with the Jewish Community, we will make it very clear next week at a special 'Kippa Day' on Thursday, 19 July, 3 pm, that there is no place for racism in Bonn. Already today I invite everyone in Bonn to join me."

Original video message by Mayor Sridharan from July 12th: https://youtu.be/baYwKlwWZ00