Join the Fun: “Pützchens Markt” is coming up from 7 to 11 September

Every year on the second weekend of September, “Pützchens Markt” offers attractions of all kinds, with something for everyone: from action and adventure to food, drink and sweets, and a host of other things in between.

"Pützchens Markt” (vernacular for "Fair of the Well”) is one of Germany´s biggest fun fairs in terms of turnover. Visitors will once again find the successful mixture of traditional merry-go-rounds, modern fun-fair high-tech and nostalgic stalls. Approximately 500 businesses with a front length of over 4.5 kilometers will present whatever goods and services they have to offer on the 80,000 square meters fair-ground. In past years, the spectacle did attract around one million visitors every time. A fine time to come to Bonn!

The Traditional Fun Fair in Bonn
The traditional annual fun fair is held in Bonn’s city district of Beuel. This year, “Pützchens Markt” will take place from 7 to 11 September. The Europa Ferris Wheel can be seen from afar already while the fair is still under construction. This Big Wheel with its open and rotating gondolas has been the landmark of Pützchens Markt for many years.
Traditionally the fair is opened by the Mayor of Bonn, broaching the first keg of beer on Friday. Before that, visitors can watch the large parade starting at 1:30 pm. A religious service will be celebrated on Sunday morning, attended by about 2,000 faithful every year. Also, there will be a “Rhenish Evening” on Sunday starting at 6 pm and a special edition of Bonn’s “After Job Party” on Monday, also starting at 6 pm. The end of the fair is traditionally marked by grand fireworks around 10 pm on Tuesday night.

The Christian Legend around “Pützchens Markt”
The roots of this fair go back to the worship of Saint Adelaide. Around the turn of the first millennium, she provided food to the poor. It was then already that the first pilgrims came to her monastery at Vilich. When in a period of great drought Abbess Adelaide thrust her crosier into the ground, water began to well up. The village was named after this well (Pütz, diminutive: Pützchen). Up to this day, believers hope to be healed by the well´s water.
Pützchen is said to have become a place of pilgrimage around the middle of the 14th century. Soon traders started to set up tents and stalls to sell their goods. Gradually, a fair developed which continued to expand and to diversify in the course of time: traders, travelling people, wandering minstrels and entertainers, tamers and circus performers kept coming over time. “Pützchens Markt” had been born. This year will see the 651st edition of “Pützchens Markt”. Don’t miss the fun!