16th Schumann Festival in Bonn

Apart from Beethoven, there is another composer who was born and lived in Bonn: Robert Schumann. Just like Bonn’s most famous son and his compositions, Schumann and his works are also honored with an annual festival, which...Read more

International charitable organization SOLWODI opens Bonn office

“There are some good reasons for moving our office to Bonn”, says Monika Hartenfels, Director of SOLWODI Germany. “For one thing, Germany’s ‘NGO capital’ offers an interesting and dense network of future partners for...Read more

ARTS Events and Seminars

The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bonn regularly offers English lectures on a variety of topics. Below, please find a list of upcoming lectures in May as well as the announcement of a seminar series for the...Read more

Offers of the VHS adult education center

Gluten-Free Italian cooking Living a gluten-free life may seem at times a daunting task but a little knowledge helps you along. Besides being the land of pasta and pizza, Italy has a long tradition of naturally tasty gluten-free...Read more

Hiking tour on Sunday May 12

Bonn International Hikers is an informal group of people, in particular staff members of international organisations based in Bonn, interested in hiking and exploring the beautiful surroundings of Bonn. The next hiking tour take...Read more

On Verdi’s Wings - Italian Opera Choir Will Sing for Migratory Birds

For the first time, a charity concert will be held to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, organized by the Bonn Convention (UNEP CMS), the convention on the conservation of migratory species. On Saturday, 11 May at 7 pm...Read more

Rhine in Flames on 4 May 2013

The annual event will again culminate in a big musical firework which will be lit on Saturday evening at 11:15 pm. The year´s motto of the firework is "Götterfunken und Rheingold - Beethoven meets Wagner". As in...Read more

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