2014 Conference Highlights in Bonn

Germany’s United Nations city will host a number of important conferences this year. Below, you will find a small selection of meetings and conferences in 2014 and the issues that are debated here in Bonn: 



18 Jan
Don Bosco Forum
Organizer: Don Bosco

27 Jan to 28 Jan
11th Meeting of the Consultative Group of Experts (CGE)
Organizer: UNFCCC

9 Feb to 14 Feb 
Organizer: FSC

9 Feb to 14 Feb 
4th Bonn Conference on Development Policy
Organizer: FSC

11 Feb  
Planetary Boundaries and the Post-2015 Agenda
Organizer: GIZ

3 Mar to 6 Mar 
8th Meeting of the Technology Executive Committee
Organizer: UNFCCC

10 Mar to 14 Mar
11th Lead Reviewers Meeting
Organizer: UNFCCC

10 Mar to 14 Mar
ADP Meeting
Organizer: UNFCCC

14 Mar to 15 Mar
18th One World State Conference
Organizer: One-World Network North Rhine-Westphalia

18 Mar to 20 Mar
Inclusive Education – German Summit
Organizer: German Commission for UNESCO

29 May to 31 May
Resilient Cities Conference
Organizer: ICLEI

4 Jun to 14 Jun 
Organizers: UNFCCC / BMU

18 Jun to 20 Jun
9th Meeting of the Technology Executive Committee
Organizer: UNFCCC

23 Jun to 26 Jun
14th EADI General Conference in Bonn: Responsible Development in a Polycentric World –    Inequalities, Citizenship and the Middle Classes
Organizer: EADI

30 Jun to 2 Jul 
DW Global Media Forum
Organizer: Deutsche Welle

17 Sep to 19 Sep
International Conference of Bonn’s BION Network
Organizer: BION Network Bonn

29 Sep to 30 Sep
National Conference: UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
Organizer: German Commission for UNESCO (with BMBF support)

29 Sep to 1 Oct 
10th Meeting of the Technology Executive Committee
Organizer: UNFCCC

30 Sep to 1 Oct  
UNV Partnership Forum
Organizer: UNV

12 Oct to 14 Oct
Annual General Meeting: Europe Direct 2014
Organizer: EU Regional Office

14 Oct to 16 Oct
UNEVOC Global Forum

20 Oct to 24 Oct
Organizer: UNFCCC

2 Nov to 7 Nov 
Conference of the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
Organizer: UNEP/DTIE

10 Nov to 12 Nov
REN21 Renewables Academy
Organizer: REN21

26 Nov to 27 Nov
Bonn Symposium
Organizer: SEF (Development and Peace Foundation) 


At this time, a number of other conferences are being planned. We will keep you posted.

If you would like us to add your conference to this list, please let us know.