2018 Conference Highlights

Germany’s United Nations city will again act as host city for a number of important conferences in 2018. Below, please find a selection of meetings and conferences for the first half of the year. A number of other conferences are being planned at this time for the remainder of the year. We will keep you posted.

5 to 7 Feb 2018: Printeger – European Conference on Research Integrity
Organizer: Printeger, a project funded by the European Union in the framework of Horizon 2020
Venue: University of Bonn
Topics: Promoting integrity as an integral dimension of excellence in research

6 Feb 2018: Climate Conference
Organizer: German Association of Towns and Municipalities
Venue: DW Bonn
Topics: climate action and energy efficiency

9 to 10 Mar 2018: State Conference ‘Development Policy in Times of Global Insecurity’
Organizer: One-World Network in North Rhine-Westphalia
Venue: GSI Bonn
Topics: development policy and related fields

21 to 23 Mar 2018: Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development
Organizer: UN SDG Action Campaign
Venue: World Conference Center Bonn
Topics: global action for the Sustainable Development Goals

22 Mar 2018: Closing Conference ‘Globally Sustainable Municipality’
Organizers: LAG 21 NRW and Service Agency Communities in One World / Engagement Global
Venue: DW Bonn
Topics: Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, local strategies and partnerships for the implementation of the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals

26 to 28 April: Resilient Cities Congress 2018
Organizer: ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
Venue: GSI Bonn
Topics: urban resilience and climate change adaptation

30 April to 10 May: Bonn Climate Change Conference

(First sessional period 2018)
Organizer: UNFCCC
Venue: World Conference Center Bonn
Topics: climate change

25 May: International Symposium of the BION Network Bonn
Organizer: BION
Venue: University of Bonn
Topics: Assessing urban and mesoscale pattersn of biodiversity and ecosystem services

11 to 13 June: DW Global Media Forum
Organizer: DW
Venue: DW Bonn
Topics: global inequalities

27 to 31 August: UNSSC Summer Academy
Organizer: UNSSC Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development
Venue: UN System Staff College / Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development Bonn
Topics: Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
The Academy addresses UN staff as well as the staff of national and international organizations, the scientific community and business or civil-society representatives.

Also, coming up in the second half of the year: the Bonn Symposium of the Development and Peace Foundation, the annual BIMUN/USINUB Conference and the second edition of the Global Landscapes Forum. Details coming soon.