UN in Bonn: shaping a sustainable future

Bonn is Germany's centre for international co-operation and a leading sustainability cluster. The German UN City hosts 20 UN secretariats and organisations with some 1,000 employees - the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) being by far the largest. With its own UN campus located directly on the most beautiful section of the banks of the Rhine in Bonn, the confederation of UN organisations is a wonderful place to work. In addition, these UN organisations benefit from the synergies and potential offered by the Bonn international cluster.  Various United Nations University institutions highlight Bonn's internationally significant role as a place of study and learning for the issues of international co-operation, development, and sustainability.

Bonn has played host to United Nations organisations since 1951. Since 1996, however, the number and variety of  organisations has increased rapidly. Germany attaches great importance to the presence of the United Nations. The German Federal Government has taken action to establish a "UN Campus" to support the work of the UN organisations in Bonn. These premises have as their foundation the landmark former parliamentary buildings of the Federal Republic of Germany: "Altes Hochhaus" and "Langer Eugen". An international conference centre is located in the immediate vicinity. On 11 July 2006, then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially inaugurated the UN Campus.

The continuing consolidation of the United Nations presence in Bonn serves as a visual symbol of international cooperation and will foster further collaboration and interaction.

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Volunteer Support

Are you a newcomer who is working for a UN organization here or a Bonn-based NGO? Need support in finding your way around and in getting settled in your new home away from home? Volunteers will gladly assist you in finding the right points of contact and in making appointments to make procedures as pleasant as possible.

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