Lovely Landscape and the traces of history

It's not for nothing that Bonn and the surrounding regions are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The historic buildings - including Beethoven's birthplace, the Rococo-style old town hall, the Electoral Palace (now the university), and the Poppelsdorf Palace - attract as many visitors as the wonderful surroundings: for Bonn is the gateway to the romantic Middle Rhine region, a landscape which has been inspiring painters, poets, and musicians since the 18th century. Rolling hills crowned with old castles line the river, charming villages on the banks invite you to stop for a glass of wine. A boat trip down the Rhine is still a joy not to be missed for travellers from all over the world.

In this beautiful landscape, never farther away than 15 minutes, hills and vast forests offer lots of possibilities for sports in the open and outings in every season of the year. The Siebengebirge mountain range with its more than 50 mountains and peaks begins a few kilometres south of Bonn. This romantic landscape invites visitors to enjoy relaxing walks with spectacular views of the Rhine valley, as well as sporty activities such as mountain biking. Modern ideas are coming into play in the effort to maintain this unique landscape: the Siebengebirge, situated across the Rhine from Bonn, is a model of European nature conservation.

Life in a green city

Bonn is a green major city: inhabitants and visitors alike go to relax in the many public parks and green spaces it contains. More than half of the urban area consists of nature and landscape conservation areas. Unique to a city of this type is the extensive landscape of the Rheinaue leisure park, extending several kilometres along the left bank of the Rhine from near the city centre.

Bonn is embedded in old cultural landscapes through agriculture, orchards, and extensive forests, and walkers, runners, and inline skaters come together in the Kottenforst on the south-western edge of the city. However, these large wooden areas still have plenty of living space for wild animals such as red deer and wild boars.

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Temperate weather dominates in winter, usually bringing little snow and few days of frost or ice. Summers are continental; with an average temperature in July of over 18°C.

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