Bonn is justifiably proud of its greenery, from the court gardens behind the university and the banks of the Rhine in the centre, to the parks and vast forests like the nature reserve of Kottenforst. Located at the geographical heart of Bonn, the Rheinaue Leisure Park, site of the 1979 National Horticultural Show, is almost as big as the city centre itself. You can jog, for example, go inline skating or play ball. The Rheinaue park also contains a skate park and a rugby pitch. The skate park is home to the largest halfpipe in Europe, freshly coated with new corrugated iron and in excellent condition.

Bonn Rheinaue skate park - leisure park
53175 Bonn

Leisure facilities for residents and visitors are in plentiful supply in Bonn. The city offers something for all tastes and ages, from a relaxing walk at the foot of the Siebengebirge to a marathon run. Spectators are also well catered to with a wide variety of professional and amateur sporting events. Traditional sports in Bonn include the "Bonn Lion" men's foil fencing world cup tournament, the world dance champion-ships, and the German three-day event equine championships on the Rodderberg. The "Telekom Baskets" play in the German Bundesliga and inspire spectators with their home games in the Telekom Dome, located in the Bonn district of Duisdorf.

Bonn has more than 100 municipal leisure and sports halls, 21 gym spaces, and 58 outside facilities perfect for keep-fit activities. There are 59 different sports to choose from. Whether football, rugby, chess or aikido, you can use the German language search form to discover more about the wide range of clubs, find training dates, and even locate the relevant sports facilities on a map

To find a club for your favourite sport, visit:

For some useful points of contact for the largest sports associations in Bonn, see: Sport in Bonn

Schwimm- und Sportfreunde (SSF) Bonn 1905 e.V.

The "Schwimm- und Sportfreunde Bonn 1905 e.V." association has existed for more than 100 years and is the largest sports club in Bonn, as well as having the most members. The SSF is a classic multisport club covering a wide range of disciplines offered by the sports divisions and the inter-divisional sports department (overall association).

Here is a list of the disciplines on offer at SSF Bonn:

ju jutsu
kung fu
modern pentathlon
strength / cardio training
square dance
tai chi
table tennis
track and field
water polo

Moreover, SSF runs special children’s programs / courses and offers fitness courses / workouts / open programs for adults. For practice locations, dates and times, contact SSF Bonn.

More information in German can be found here.

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