There are many ways to discover Bonn. Since 2001 it has been possible to do so by marathon. Deutsche-Post-Marathon Bonn makes you see 42 kilometres on the right and left banks of the Rhine in a very special way. In double quick past historical buildings such as the Old Town Hall, Poppelsdorf Palace or Godesburg Castle but also past modern corporate headquarters like Deutsche Telekom or the conspicuous Tower of Deutsche Post Worldnet. There are also other sights along the route such as the World Conference Center Bonn with the former plenary hall of the German Parliament and the old waterworks as its centrepiece, the UN Campus with its high-rise building traditionally nicknamed "Langer Eugen" (Tall Eugene), Old Customs Station (Alter Zoll) and, of course, the Rhine with its fantastic view of the Siebengebirge hills.

The district of Beuel on the right bank of the Rhine in the morning, subsequently in the south of Bonn, at midday in the north of Bonn and, ultimately, the finishing line on the Market Square in downtown Bonn - this is a rough route description for the marathon man (and woman) who is not careering for the course record but wants to enjoy a genuine city run. With growing numbers of participants, Bonn's marathon has gradually gained an established position over the years. By now it has become for the running scene an important date in the Rhineland sports events calendar and has made it into the Top Ten of German marathons. And not only marathon runners hard as iron set out on the course. Today, there are a half-marathon, a relay competition for schools, a competition for company teams, and power walkers are also admitted.

For more detail, visit the official Deutsche-Post-Marathon Bonn website where you can also register online: For more information in German and English please call the Marathon Hotline: 02207-9127506.

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